Stylish and Affordable Home Decor in an Unlikely Place

Stylish and Affordable Home Decor in an Unlikely Place

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Y’all! I am so excited for this post. As a hard core Target Loyalist, I never thought I would even remotely consider what I’m about to say (ok, that’s a bit dramatic, but you get the idea). While we’ve all been stalking the amazing Target collections, Walmart has been quietly stepping up their game–in a really big way.

Just look at this stuff! There are some seriously beautiful accessories and furniture at an affordable price point that is mind blowing. I see these being used in a first apartment, a starter home, or a high-low scenerio.


These are such great pieces to mix in to your existing decor. I love a good high-low room. Some pieces are worth really investing in and others just need to serve a purpose for now. All of these are great pieces to do that! In fact, when I was doing my office make-over, I fell in love with this cabinet! It turned out to be a beautiful and functional addition to my office without breaking the bank.



Lamps and Accessories






Making your House a Home

I believe so strongly in making your house a home. There is no doubt in my mind that there is a correlation between your habitat and your happiness. And, I mean that in the most non-materialistic way possible. Regardless of your finances, home should be a safe and happy place to be. With that philosophy in mind,  I love that stylish home decor has finally made it mainstream. While I love a good investment piece, places like Walmart and Target have really made home decor accessible to everyone.

So, what do you think? Did you already know this little secret?




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