A Master Bathroom Update

Long time, no talk, Friends! It sure does feel like I say that a lot. I made a conscious decision this summer to step back and enjoy the little. She’ll be 3 at the end of August and this has been my favorite age so far! She is so much fun, my little sidekick, and I don’t want her memories of me to be with my nose stuck in a phone on IG of FB trying to beat the stupid algorithm. So, I took a break.

I have spent the summer finishing up a couple of design jobs that I am really excited about. We are almost to the point of being able to photograph and share! And, I look forward to kicking the design side of things into high gear again once she goes back to school.

In the meantime, I have been plotting a way to re-do our master bath. It’s the one room in the house we didn’t touch when we moved in. Mostly, because, it’s not that old. When Seth and I first started dating, he turned the screened in porch and the third bedroom into a master suite. Moment of truth: I didn’t actually think I was going to fall in love with him and end up married and living here. So, I stayed out of the design process. It’s not that he did a bad job, at all. It was beautiful, just not what I would have picked. Fast forward almost 8 years and a lot of renters later and the space is just in desperate need of updating.

The only problem is, we don’t have the budget to completely gut and reno the bathroom. Those dreams will just have to wait. I have, however, come up with a plan to give it a little facelift for under $300. I am working on potty training Harper this week which means I will have a lot of time in the house. I am planning on starting this project asap! 

Here is an idea of what I am thinking.

The Plan

Master Bath face lift plans

I am going to use a lot of what  we already have in an effort to save money. 


Paint vanity

Replace Vanity Hardware

Paint existing fixtures matt black

Replace lighting

Paint walls

Lay peel and stick vinyl flooring

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