A Simple Exterior Makeover

I’m excited to show you a simple exterior makeover of my house. I tackled this project early in the ┬ásummer with every intention of sharing it then, but, then the summer just got away from me. Every week I vowed to blog and every week I failed to do it. So, I finally decided to just give myself some grace and enjoy the summer with Harper. She is at such a fun age and I am lucky enough to be home with her, I just wanted to cherish the time instead of feeling pressured by self-inflicted deadlines.

I love our little house. It’s seriously my favorite and we’ve put our personal touch on every single room inside, but had never touched the outside. When my husband bought the house, he and my father-in-law built an amazing wrap around deck. We spend SO much time playing and relaxing there. It added serious living space to our home.


Exterior Mini Makeover

What I don’t (didn’t) love is the color of the shutters. Aesthetically, I love the shutters themselves. They really add depth to the house and work really well to keep the house from direct sunlight in the middle of the summer. So, I decided to paint them. Seth helped me take them down and I power washed them. Then, I set up shop in my brother’s garage (he conveniently lives across the street).

The Plan

Exterior Mini Makeover

I used Rustoleum Matte black and it worked great! It was easy and inexpensive and the outcome, while not crazy dramatic, really changed the appearance of the exterior of our house.


Exterior Mini Makeover

I also decided to ditch the gray door and go with the happiest pink–I ended up using BM Passion Fruit. All of the changes make me so happy when I pull up to our house. The outside finally feels like it matches the inside.

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