Glass Bead Garland DIY

As much as I love decorating for Christmas; I love taking it down even more. Weird, right? But, I love the “clean slate” feeling. I love remembering why I love my home. This year when I undecorated, it felt a little bare. So, I decided to dress it up a little with the simplest (seriously, I’m almost embarrassed to call it a DIY) DIY.

Glass Bead Garland DIY

I love the look of wood bead garland. I use it all over my house and I just think it brings so much character and interest to a not so interesting vignette. So, I wanted to do a spin on the wood beads and use some glass beads to make a decorative garland for our Antelope, Mick. He LOVES it, by the way.

I actually bought the beads to try my hand at making a Reaux Sham Beau look chandelier but, when we moved in, I quickly realized that we just don’t have the ceiling height for this type of light fixture. The beautiful beads I bought have been sitting in the shed ever since. (I was planning on using this tutorial, in case you’re interested).

Glass Bead Garland DIY


This is ridiculously easy, so, I really don’t need to give you a step by step but, I’ll do it anyway since I made the effort of taking pictures.

Glass Bead Garland DIY




Scotch tape




  1. I had different sized beads, so the first thing I did was cut the strings and sort the beads by size on paper plates.
  2. I decided on the pattern of three large beads followed by three smaller beads just to give it some depth.
  3. Tie the end and boom, you’re done! (See, embarrassingly easy, thanks for humoring me).

Glass Bead Garland DIY Glass Bead Garland DIY Glass Bead Garland DIY Glass Bead Garland DIY

See, doesn’t Mick look so handsome? I really love how it subtly takes up space on the wall between Mick and the stool. That little white space felt so empty to me after having it all decked out for Christmas.


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