The Ultimate Baby-Shower Gift Guide

This is one of those “save now, read later” posts. I am in the baby season of life and I have the invites to baby showers on my fridge to prove it! So, I thought I would put together a gift guide. These are the items I LOVED and are mostly things I didn’t even register for. My Momma friends came through when I didn’t even know I needed them. And, while I am certainly a proponent of buying off the registry, I also really love to give gifts that I couldn’t have lived without as a new Mom. This list is great for Moms that are registering, as well!

For the Momma-to-be (who plans to nurse or pump):

These are some of the gifts my Mom friends gave me while I was in the hospital. I seriously would not have been able to survive without them and they have quickly become my go to hospital gifts.

Ultimate Baby-Shower Gift Guide



Harper never latched, so, I exclusively pumped for 7 months (sorry for oversharing, but we’re all friends here, right?) However, these gifts are just as useful for the breastfeeding momma as well.

  1. These Madela Steam Bags are everything! If you’ve never experienced the joys of pumping, let me fill you in–there are a lot of pieces to keep up with and with a feeding schedule of every three hours or so, a lot of parts to constantly wash! These bags are great! A quick rinse of all the parts, throw them in the bag with a little bit of water, pop them in the microwave and BAM your pump parts are clean and ready for the next round!
  2. Flour Sack Cloths are the bomb diggity (Yup. I just said that). But, seriously, forget all the fancy and expensive burp clothes, these are a life saver! The amount of burp cloths one goes through in a day with a newborn is mind boggling. We got a bunch of these for our shower and still use them! They are the perfect size and get softer as they wash. Trust me, the Momma will thank you!
  3. Nursing tanks are a serious must have. I stocked up on plenty of nursing bras, but no tanks prior to having Harper. Big mistake! I am here to tell you that no one wants to wear a bra after having a baby, I probably didn’t wear on for like three months! I lived in these!
  4. The glorious hands-free pumping bra! I would like to hug the person who came up with this idea! I was basically a milk cow for 7 months and I could not have gotten a thing done with out this. It looks silly, but it is a non-negotiable for the pumping Momma!
  5. I registered for those disposable sticky breast pads and they kinda suck. The washable ones are so much easier (in my humble opinion). Go ahead and grab your girl some of these, she’ll thank you later.
  6. If you’ve never pumped or nursed before, then you have no idea what it does to your boobs and nipples. These ice packs saved me and I didn’t even know I needed them. Not only do they help with let-down, when your nipples are cracked and bleeding, they feel so good!

These six items together make for a great hospital care package. Throw them in a cute basket or gift bag and you’ll be a hero!

For the Nursery:



  1. Seth always makes fun of me because I say things are magical. Well, I am here to tell you that this sheet is just that. Have you ever changed a crib sheet? It’s hard and often leads to tears and foul language (I’m kidding, kinda). This sheet has elastic tabs with snaps that wrap around the rail of the crib and sit on top of the mattress. GENIUS! Unsnap it, throw it in the wash and then snap it back on. Boom, you’re done.
  2.  In my opinion, a breathable mesh liner is a must have. They aren’t the prettiest, but they keep  little body parts and pacifiers in the crib, which in the middle of the night when your child is crying is invaluable.
  3. I know you’ve heard of Aden and Anis. These are likely on the registery. They are expensive and so worth it. They are soft and big and can be used for so many things. I was hesitant, but no regrets here. These really are the creme de la creme of swaddle blankets.
  4. This my friends, is the most magically magic of all of the swaddles in the land! I am not sure how I would have made it through the first few months of Harper’s life without it. It allows you to swaddle the baby with their arms up. And, the velcro that it uses makes the swaddle tight enough that they can’t break out. The fabric is lovely and breathable so they won’t over heat and you can do a middle of the night diaper change without taking the baby out! Again, this is a bit on the pricey side, but I promise, the Momma to be will write you a thank you note telling you this was her favorite gift!
  5. I love a good multi-tasker and the Cool Wazoo is just that. It has five different functions in one! It can be used as a changing mat, highchair cover, shopping cart cover, window shade, and swing cover. We use ours all the time. It is water proof and wipeable.
  6. Multi-tasking really is king and this 5-in-1 versatile cover is no exception. Use it as a carseat /stroller shade, highchair and shopping cart cover, and a nursing cover!

Stock the Diaper Bag:

Ultimate Baby-Shower Gift Guide


One of my favorite gifts that I received for my shower was my diaper bag full of useful goodies. It makes a great gift that you can rest assured the Mom-to-be will get plenty of use out of.

  1. Wet wipes are a no brainer! You can use them on the baby and on any surface to kill germs. I go through a pack every couple of weeks and I couldn’t live without them!
  2. This wipe clutch is so practical and useful! It is super inexpensive and is truly a diaper bag staple.
  3. There will be blow-outs and accidents while away from home. These bags are great to have just in case.
  4. These stroller hooks are a life saver. I use them for shopping bags and the diaper bag.
  5. A wet/dry bag inside the diaper bag is a must! Dirty bibs or wet clothes or a leaking bottle, you never know when you’ll need it and trust me, you will.
  6. I have bags inside of bags inside of bags and it seems silly, but honestly, it keeps me way more organize and when I am out and about, I know exactly where to look when I need something.

Things the Mom-to-be Doesn’t Know She Needs (yet):

Ultimate baby gift guide


  1. This play mat was described to me as “baby crack” and that couldn’t be more accurate. I’m not sure what it is about this mat, but babies absolutely love it!
  2. The Podster is nothing short of amazing.  I got this instead of a boppy and it might be the best gift I received. Harper loved this little lounger and when we first brought her home from the hospital, this is what we slept her in. We would put it between us in the bed and it made life so much easier. Especially since I had a C-Section, since I didn’t have to lift her up onto the bed with me when she woke up crying.
  3. These pouch toppers are everything! They aren’t neccesary right away, but as soon as baby starts to eat, they will prevent a serious mess. The baby has to bite down in order for the contents of the pouch to come out…genius!
  4. A travel bottle brush. Harper is 14 months old and I still use it. Best $10 I ever spent!
  5. The Puj is so amazing! It makes sink baths a breeze. I used this pretty much exclusively until Harper could sit up in the bath on her own. It fits into any sink and creates a soft, slip free surface to bathe the babe.

More Things I Can’t Live Without (in retrospect):

Ultimate Baby-Shower Gift Guide



  1. Y’all, this sound machine is the “Rolex” of sound machines. I liked it so much I bought another one for our room. I do not travel without it. It is an actual fan, so it doesn’t pick up a rhythm like a lot of sound machines do. Just 100% soothing white noise.
  2. I promised myself that I would never spend $24 on a rubber giraffe… now we have two.  I am not sure what it is about Sofie, but, you don’t want to go through teething without her.
  3. This Grund Baby whale is Harper’s one love in life. She uses it as a pillow and absolutely loves it! It plays soothing whale noises and lights up for five mins. It is really sweet and helps her soothe herself back to sleep at night.
  4. The travel Sleep Sheep is amazing! It has a few different sound machine type noises and is great for the carseat and stroller when you’re out and about, but baby needs a nap.
  5. If you read my post here, you know I am obsessed with IMPwearhome products. This bib is seriously my favorite, durable, washable and not too stiff.  Plus, the patterns are adorable.  I love the apron as a gift for an older sibling as well.

There are so many options out there when it comes to baby gear and everyone has their favorites, but I hope this list helps narrow it down. Or, at the very least, if you are kidless and clueless (we’ve all been there), this helps to pick a gift that you know the Mom-to-Be will love.

What is your go-to baby gift?


*Affiliate links used. I do not recommend products that I don’t love or that I wouldn’t use regardless of my affiliation with any company.

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